A wonderfully calm bright warm day ― all through!

O the calm loveliness of this morning, ― if one had but time to enjoy it! But I  must go downstairs & mix paint.

Painted a sky to/of Petraja, ― uncertain as to result, yet the whole looks well.

Breakfast. Letters from nobody: but afternoon post Sybylla Mildmay ― I don’t think [A1].― quâ letter.

J. Lacaita.
T. Wyatt.

Read Savonarola.

Wrote & sent photograph of Gibbons to Lady Maria Stanley of Alderley.

The day ― as to work was eccentric, & unconventional. I went out at 9.30 ― & drew rox for the Athos ― & then painted sea from the window: ― but it so occurred ―it was “calmer & calmer” & there was no wave at all to paint. Then I took a book to Mrs. Crake, & said I’d dine there. Then returned & painted on the Athos, & by fits played. ― At 6 went to Mr. Crake’s ― Van & Mrs. V. there. ― [Fifi’s] birthday but there are no children like the P. Hornby’s. ―

Talk of G. Waldegrave in various ways. Mrs. V.C. played: I neither played nor sang. “Home” by 11.

(2 brothers & a 3rd smaller, of a family next door, I shall be sorry to see going before I do: they are so attached & good.)


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]