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This morning’s entry was the last to be e-mailed; all those who subscribed to receive e-mail notifications of new posts should have received an invitation to join the new blog at If you have not, please go there and join. I will keep posting entries here only until 12 May, Lear’s 200th birthday.


There was no 29 February in 1862. I have decided to keep the blog going at this URL until 12 May 2012, the day of the bicentenary, as promised. Thereafter, however, I will post only at the new site, so please update your RSS or mail subscriptions as soon as possible.

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On 1 February, I am starting a transfer of this blog to The new site will continue this one (it already has the whole of January 1862), but will no longer include links to the biographical pages: according to the logs, these were very seldom used by readers. These pages are not going away, […]

I have updated the post for 23 September 1860 adding the Greek transcript and translation, a well-known anecdote about Lady Waldegrave. Many thanks to Nina Bouri, who has volunteered to help with the Greek.


I’m writing this on my iPhone, a hard task, as my dsl connection melted last Friday while I was uploading and marking new entries. As you may have noticed there were no links in today’s post and I’m afraid it will be the same tomorrow, at least. As some readers have written to say that […]

Except for 23 December, which appears to be the beginning for 21 December, the remaining entries for the year are written in the blank pages at the beginning of the diary for 1860.

Thanks to Denise Harvey’s hard work, the Greek passages have now been inserted to the end of April. I have also updated the Letters and Maps pages to reflect the period of the entries that are being posted. In the next few weeks Edward Lear will be seeing the Tennysons, the Nightingales and William Holman […]

There is no entry for 31 December 1858 in Edward Lear’s diary. Posting will resume tomorrow.

There are no entries in Edward Lear’s diary for 1858 from 4th to 21st December, so posting will resume on 22nd at the rate of one post a day.

Back to England

When Edward Lear got back to Corfu on 15 June, he found that, owing to Bowen’s intrigues, Lushington had resigned and was preparing to go back to England. At first he thought he would stay on in Corfu (LEL, 110-1), but then decided to travel with him. The diary resumes in Dover on 23 August, […]