Thursday, 30 December 1858

Rose before 8 & shewed G. the Pincian, & went to one or two shops. ― Lovely, bright & cold. ― Drew hard, more or less, all day, at 2 drawings of Petra. Beresford & Bright came, & a Rev. Boileau Elliot, & Sam, & Pizzerani. ― Letters from F.L. & Sir J. & Lady […]

Wednesday, 29 December 1858

One of the many odd days in these times ― curiously queer. Fine cold, bright. After breakfast ― (always nice, now Giorgio is here, ―) came the man to hang the studio, & hammering & fussing went on all day. Also old Pizzerani, ὁ ὁποῖος1 nearly demented me. Intanto  I drew mainly at a view […]

Tuesday, 28 December 1858

Rose at 7 or 8 ― apparently gloomy for wet ― but it cleared, & grew colder. Went to various near errands ―: breakfast ― then paid some bills, & to McBeans ―where they say my boxes will come shortly. Then back, & drew more or less all day at Seymour’s S. Sabbas. Clowes came, […]

Monday, 27 December 1858

XXX10 ― o dear! how horrible! ― Festa,1 so nothing was to be got or done. I drew at one of the Bethanys. ― But a deep black bitter melancholy destroys me. ― Paid the Hotel bill ― & at 2 or 3 P.W. came ― & afterwards Mr. Palmer. ― Then I called at […]

Sunday, 26 December 1858

Rose later ― cloudy ― & wetty at times. After breakfast ― (as comfortable as things can get to be ―) went to S.W.C. ― & walked with him to church. Great crowd ― & disagreeable somehow. Yet the service is well done, & particularly the singing. Walk back with S. ― & then call […]

Saturday, 25 December 1858

X9 ― which is sorrow. ― Breakfast comfortable. Gio doing all in his power to make me so. Wrote to Ann: a long letter ― & to Col. Clowes. At 12 went to S.W.C. ― Day inclined to rain. Went with Giorgio to S. Pietro, which greatly pleased the Σουλιοτ, ― & then, (the weather […]

Friday, 24 December 1858

Rose earlyish. Gray & fine. Determined to work, if possible. ― So I did: ―& toughly worried away on Masada. But the people who came to hang the room with gray, bulled me, ― all the worse that they mismeasured the whole, & went away, having done nought. While I was in a great rage […]

Thursday, 23 December 1858

Bright ―: cold within, warm summer without. Rose at 7 ― but chilled, & not well: yet I hope it is “stomach” only. After sundry shoppings &c., breakfast (with J. Morris,) at “Degradation” café. S.W.C. was asleep. So I began two Bethanys. & at 1 went to S., who got out for the first time […]

Wednesday, 22 December 1858

Woke at 6. & rose by candlelight, resolving hard, if possible to set myself in a good groove. Lit my own fire, & managed papers & letters, & things for drawing ― & by the time I was washed & dressed it was 9. Went to Cagiati & bought fenders, & to other places. S.W.C. […]

Friday, 3 December 1858

We breakfasted at 8. Afterwards looked at many rooms. No joint affair would do. Some in P. de Spagna the best for S.W.C. Those on the Pincian have many objections & a bad landlord, as well as 300  sc. rent. Some, I saw in a new house in the Condotti ― for 360. These, barring […]