Bright, fine, misty early, but clear after, dry.

Rose at 8.45. ― (for I do not sleep.)

Had to write letters to John Harford, ― & to J. Senior about the Skerett Will &c.: also to look for dates & bother letters, which took up a good lot of time.

(Clowes, bye the bye, comes not.)

Worked for some 2 hours on the Damascus, not ill I think: but it ought to be finished!

At 2.30 ˇ[(or 3)] I went out, & called on Mrs. Mildmay, (who had written very kindly to ask me to dine there, 26,) ― & then to Lady James, ― & to the Evans ― where I saw Mrs. Evans & Clara G. (& the Interlaken.) Poor people! their brother Lionels death is very sad & dreadful to them, which, knowing them, speaks well for him as well as for them.

Then I came to Bickers & Bush; & bought [Rafflins] Jura &c. ― & to Foords ― & to the Chappells ― where I hired a Piano ― & so “home.” ―

Which I dined on Mutton Broth & Rice at 7.30.

A letter from H.J. Bruce ― enclosing one from Hyde Beadon: ― William F. Beadon is going. Alas! … kind good friend! ― The Alas! is not for you, but for those who remain.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]