Very fine & bright. ― “We are going back again,” I fear. ―

Howbeit, at 10.30 ― came 40scue ― & we had a very pleasant 2 & a half hours together ― he went at 1. ― His society is always ― I think invariably, a grat comfort to me: ― & even my boreable & fastidious worry can hardly ever find any vexation therefrom, which, I think, is what I cannot say of ˇ[that of] any other living man. ―

Read Fergusson’s Jerusalem till 3:1 ― & then, as it really appears that AT is not coming, tho’ he said he should “directly after church time,[”] ― I think of going out: ― a bore ― all the fine early day wasted ― from 1 to 3 ― when one might have found people in.

Ἔπειτα ἐπεριπάτησα:2 dry & coldish ― East wind. ― Calls on Mr. Warren, Lady De Tabley, Mrs. H.J. BruceMrs. CliveCountess Dowager Grey, & Sir John Louis. ― Then returned home by 6.

Dined at the St. James’s House: Vincent there.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Fergusson, James. An Essayon the Ancient Topography of Jerusalem. London, 1847. []
  2. Then I took a walk (NB). []