Chichester Fortescue1823-1898

He went to Christ Church, Oxford, where he took a first in classics (1844) and won the chancellor’s English essay (1846); and in 1847 he was elected to parliament for Louth as a Liberal. He became a junior Lord of the Treasury in 1854, and subsequently held minor offices in the Liberal administrations till in 1865 he was made Chief Secretary for Ireland under Lord Russell, a post which he again occupied under Gladstone in 1868–1871; he then became President of the Board of Trade (1871–1874), and later Lord Privy Seal (1881–1885) and Lord President of the Council (1883–1885). He was raised to the peerage in 1874 as Baron Carlingford. (Full Wikipedia article.)

C. Fortescue first met Edward Lear in Rome in 1845 and was among his closest friends. In 1871 he married Frances, Lady Waldegrave. Lear’s letters to them were published in The Letters of Edward Lear (1907) and Later Letters of Edward Lear (1911).

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