Bother London! ― Dry ― fine, mild, & sunny. ― For all that, I say, bother. Most grotesquely wrote a letter to the Times about the American split: ― of wh. ― anon. ― But then came J. Edwards ― then Robt. Curzon & “Johnny Warren:” ― both kindly. R.C. alquanto1 absurd. (James Hope & the Dukedom of Napolli! [sic]) Then worked 2 hours at the Damascus. At 2 put the room in order for showing drawings. At 2.30 H.J. Bruce came ― always a pleasure. ― At 3.15 ― (appointment at 2,) Mrs. & Miss Clive, Captn. & Mrs. Houston ― (she with a little dog ― who wanted water ― & wished to P on the drawings.) Mr. & Mrs. Smith of Sanderstead ― & Cosway. Shewed Palestine drawings. Later, ˆ[H.J.] Bagot ― a kindly honest fellow ever. ― The back room was far too small for so much crinoline & company. ― At 5 all went, Mrs. C. leaving a muff ― but calling again. ― Letter from W.N.uneasy.

Drove ― by 5.20 to Freemason’s Tavern ― as per advice of Mr. Bell ― & found they dined at Thatched house. Cab thither ― arriving at the soup ― table full, very. Boxall, & Buckton by Mr. B. ― I absquetulate to the bottom, & am amiable to vice. Seize on entomology as a topic, & spiders come uppermost. Hence trap ditto, ― & find that Saunders the Vice is cousin of Prevesa S. ― & that his son has married Annie S. Talk to deafish man on left, & he turns out Matthews of Oxford Militia ― knowing all Corfû ― & lived in the house opposite Romas ― wh. he says left on account of the shocking scenes there ― πῶς ὁ ἀδελφὸς τῆς Διαμαντίνας εἶχα καθ’ ἡμέραν τον κοψαμαλλιἀν του! ! !2 ―― thus wondrously confirming the alarming history of Lord Methuen’s informant. As for me, nearly roared. ― After dinner, we walked to Burlington House, ― & the old Linnean routine seemed a dream. Saw Gould, remotely.

Then, went to the Royal Society ― & sate, at first patient, ― the hour one diabolical Professor Tindall rave on gases, figures & the deuce knows what. At the end of an hour I felt I was growing actually mad, ― & flew the brutal torture. Meanwhile, I had seen AT come in & sit afar far off! ― … Home by 10.15.

Wrote a note to R.D.D. preventing his coming if possible, for such days are insanity. “Give me repose or death.”


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Very. []
  2. How Diamantina’s brother had his barber [over] every day (NB). []