Very fine. One of “those October days.”

Drew a little from 7 to 8 at “Jerusalem” of Musters.

Breakfast. ― Letters from Mrs. Musters ― & Mrs. Parkyns. ― & C.F. Wrote to the 2 former.

Drew till 11. Went with Mrs. W. Tottie & others to see the “Cedars” at Mr. Lyle’s: ― & afterwards shewed drawings.

Dickenson’s man then came ― & about 12 or 1 or later, went with him to see about those pictures, relatively to the “American” rooms. ― The rooms would do ― being sunny, & spacious, &, although I have written about the Freshwater, yet I did not know of these. But it was uncertain if I could get my picture up, so I tried the lid of the case ― “Ford” & Redford carrying it thro’ the meadows. It just went in, so I took the rooms from Nov. 1 for 5£ a week, including brand. ― At 3 or 4 ― returned, & then brought the picture to the Hotel. ― Afterwards ― drew a little ― & finished ― I hope, ― the 5th Musters drawing. Then, a fine sunset, walked to the Cobham road, & returned at 6. ― Before dinner, ἐτραγώδησα μερικὰ τραγωδία1 ―: dined ― cheerfully: ― & afterwards sang a good deal. ― It is a cheery party. The lively idle Irishman Cruse ― the shrewd lively elder Raleigh, & the deep & rather sad younger brother: & several more ― Miss Cochrane the American, ― the Totties &c. &c. ― made a pleasant lot. Bed at 11½.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. I sang some songs (NB). []