Very fine at sunrise: clouds at 8. utter gloom at 10, & violent atmospheric behavior all day ἔπειτα.1

Breakfast. No letters. ―

Worked ― a very little at Petraja, & Athos ―― & packed, finally 6 packages.

1 large black box
2 case of frames
3 do.
4 do.
5. Easel
6. Wooden case of drawings

Read Trollopes ― 3 clerks: ― & packed at intervals. At 3 letter from T. Fairbairn: very nice & kind.

At 4.15 went out, called at V. Crakes ― no one in, but the baby: ― (I wonder why I love children so.) But I heard Mr. C. was worse, & called there. Saw M.A.C. The old gentleman had fallen, when left alone last night for a minute ― & they seem all thoroughly alarmed: they have changed his bedroom to downstairs, but still he is out with Mrs. C. to day.

I wish Edward were come. ― M.A.C. says he cries bitterly, at the prospect ―― so clear his mind ―― of leaving them all. ― (My dearest Ann did not so: she had a wider faith in a greater God.) ――― But this is very affecting & sad.

I then went to G. Middletons ― & saw all 3 ― père, mere, fils: & not without pleasure. ―― Then to the Fowlers’ ―: Mrs. F.’s servant, (Mrs. F. the elder,) has come down: but there is no help for the boy Alfred, who, by the last letter, is sinking. ――― After that, (I had met Mr. Whitmore & G.S.,) walked to the W. Scrivens ― where there was a kindly welcome & nice dinner. Capt. & Mrs. Dalrymple ― made 8. ―

Sang: as did Capt. D. ― & boisterous wind notwithstanding, returned home by 11.30.


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Afterwards. []