Rose before 5 ― & went alone to the Cappuccini.

Uncertain if to change Hotel or not: this is not a nice one. Drew till 8, & returned. Called on Sir J. Hudson, who told me the whole of the Nice cession affair ― relating to Cavour: & wh. I could, I believe, write down ― but there aint time. Clearly, if Sir J.H.’s account be exact, C. was not to blame. ― Took a room on 3rd Floor at Trombetta’s, & went back & packed “entirely.” ―

Dined at 12 & left the 3 Corone; & came to the Europa, where my 3rd floor is at least quiet & clean & cheerful. Squared off & pencilled 40 drawings of Turin ― till 4.30 ― besides writing to Mr. Boult of Liverpool: ― & at 5 went up with G. to the Cappuccini, & drew hard till 7.30. The plain, & loft[y] Monte Viso are very grand, & the colour vastly rich. Some nice people ― 2 young men, ― from Messina, talked to me. Came back, (trying to draw on the bridge, but it is not very possible,) leaving G. to see some tumbler dancers ―: but he soon joined me, for they didn’t perform ― “forse apposto”1 as he said. ― Washed, & supped on excellent “beef & beer” ― read papers, & to bed at 9.45.

Odo Russell was here last night: ― the Combes (of Oxford) were actually in the ’D’Italia at Genoa: & Graham of Jerusalem at Spezzia which I also was there!!

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Perhaps on purpose.” []