Ἄρχετά ἄσχημα1 ― but one must write truth.

Dreamy ― more dreamy than ever, is life thus.

Letter from W.H.H.Cheales his wedding cards ― ὅλοι ἄνθρωποι εὐτυχεῖς πλῆν ἐγῶ2 & P. Crake ― good old Mr. Crake is going.

Ἔπειτα3 ― I came to this most blessedly comfortable room, & was passively & monologically happy enough, all the more that the sun shone. Wrote 8 letters ―

To W.H. Hunt,
Mrs. Husey Hunt,
Mrs. G. Scrivens,
Rev. C.M. Church,
S.F. Widdrington,
F. Cockerell,
Capt. Jameson
& δεν ενθυμοῦμαι.4

At 2.30 ˇ[after calling on Mr. Lyle at the “temple:”] walked to Walton & beyond towards Kingston or Moulsey, returning by 5.

Dinner μόνος.5 Ἀνέγνωσα6 Urquharts Lebanon.

Pekin news.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Pretty bad (NB). []
  2. Everyone is happy except me (NB). []
  3. Then. []
  4. I don’t remember (NB). []
  5. Alone. []
  6. Read (NB). []