Dull ― & some rain. ― dark

W.F.B. breakfasted. ομιλει πολλα, και δεν  εμπουρωσα να τον ζητησω να ηλθε και ημεραν: αλλα ειναι καλος, και φιλος μου πιλο, και πρεπει να ελθε, τωρα.1

Worked by fits at 2 Campagnas, & the Cedar sketch.

Will Nevill, Senior
Willie Nevill ― Junior
Captain Jameson.
Sir J. Clark Jervoise.
Lord Stanley ― who was particularly nice. & as of old.
W. Frith, who was also agreable. ―

At 7 to Geo. Middletons’s. ― Mrs. M. new to me: also small jolly uproarious boy. Dinner very plain, snug & pleasant: “soup, good lamb & pease, cherry tart”!

Afterwards, one Mrs. Walken ― & both she & Mrs. G.M. played & sang well.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. More or less, Lear must have meant: “He speaks a lot, and though I did not ask him to come evey day, it is good that my friend and [pilot] should come now” (GT). []