Rose early ― 4. Packed. Close cloudy morning. Breakfast with R.C. alias RC. Hurry & crowd in omnibus, & difficulty of getting luggage weighed &c. &c. Rail at 10. Agreable little man ― M. Emile De la Rue. ― Much talk of Sicily &c. ― Beautifully rich plains of Marengo. ― Turin at 2.15. No difficulty about luggage. Trombetta’s Hotel very full. D. Augusto Ruspoli. RC got a room, I not. He is worrying about prices, & seems not to wish now to go over to M. Cenis in a carriage. We lunched together, but as he wants to dine out at a cafè to save a franc or two, I advise a separate state all day. ― At 3 I went out & walked “all about the place,” wh. greatly pleases me ― nothing more than the obelisk commemorating the downfall of Ecclesiastical supremacy. Then I went across the Po, & up to the Capuccini ― whence the view is very grand: & returned by 6.30 or 7 by the public gardens. The whole morale & physique of Turin is refreshing after Rome.

Washed & dressed ― having now got a room. ― ――

George I suppose is off to C. Vecchia from Leghorn by this.

Was dining or supping alone when RC came in & supped too ― επειτα εμειτα χειρισα το Πιανο1 ― & to bed at 10.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Then we [play] the piano. []