Cold. ― Letter from Col. Hornby. Henrietta H. is dead. Called on him.

Fidgetted & unpacked at Stratford Place.

S.W.C. came.

Sate awhile with J. Uwins.

Wrote to Ann.

Unpacked & arranged till 3. ― when I walked ― rain beginning & progressing ― to dear old Daddy’s. He was working at his picture, and the great alteration of the Virgin’s head, at once soothed & settled me: ― long ago I felt sure he had “scribbled” it out because [that] he could not bear ―――’s portrait. And now he has got over that, he will go onward. He walked with me to Knightsbridge: indeed he is one of the finest men=characters I have known ever. ― As for me, wet through, I could not dine with S.W.C. & was moreover extremely unwell: so I left a note at his rooms to say so: & came “home.” ― I must say the rooms are very comfortable ― though I wish Giorgio were here. ―

Ann, however, will come soon. ―

Dined on ½ chutton mop & 4 potatoes. ―

Asthma bad at times ― but yet I am better than I thought I should be.

Dear good Col. Hornby about Henrietta’s death ― was really happy & good. They all meet at Winwick again!! ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]