Slept pretty well. ―Breakfast at 7 & at 7½ we 3 took a Carriage to the Douane, where adroitly acting, we got out all our roba in no time, & had it examined. Then down to the Station by 9, & walked about facetiously joking, or sitting, or seeking the great Cemetery ― till 9.40 ― when we got tickets & luggage weighted, & at 10 started in a Coupe ― a fat Colonel being the 4th therein, though we made up a figure of cloaks & a hat & cigar to delude any newcomers. The Col. was cross: he seemed to say that in the end everyone thought England would go against France. ― As for Victor & I we read: I, Œdipus Rex, & Coloneus, to my great delight. At Avignon, we had a rapid & good breakfast, ― & at Lyons ― by 6 ― a ditto dinner. All the Rhone line ― bright & lively as was the day ― was most delightful, especially near Valence. Morn rose at 8 ― & we were all pleasant & cheery.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]