Dim, half life. Arranged rooms ― for the Bassæ & Civitella with Giorgio. ― After breakfast Greek lesson. ―

Unwell, & vexed not to go from home day after day. ―

Παροξύσμος.1 ― After which I began to work at the Bethlehem, & worked till nearly 4 ― (letter from Lady Bethell, as lively ― (o! woman!) as if she had never  written that letter!) ― & about then came Gibbs, with whom I walked round the Borghese. We talk ― but do not arrange, about Eastern travel: nor do I myself know what to do. ― Called at Macbean’s ― “dressing ―” & on to Marshalls: the young Marshall came ― an oddly Caliban like boy ― & “Charmside” Mrs. Henry Walton’s brother. ― Dreary feeling at the Marshalls’ son ― back to dinner ― good & comfortable. Poor Gio. says this place is very like Ἄγιον Ὄρος2 ― & this vexes me. ― I called Benouville: eh! most unsatisfactory. ― If I do not resolve to go back to Palestine, I think I shall try Arcadia, Elis, or Maina.3 But somehow one is so dissipated & flat here, & yet has so little of  real friendly society.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Paroxysm. []
  2. Mount Athos. []
  3. All regions of Greece. The Mani Peninsula in southwest Greece was long known as Maina or Maïna. []