Tuesday, 11 December 1860

Slept better. A dark wholly gray day. Time driveth onward fast. Aperiently finished Ζαγόρι & Φιλάτες. Τὶ νὰ κάμωμεν;1 Εἶδα, εἰς τὴν ἐφημερίδην [οτι] Σιρ Ζ. Ζόνγ πηγαίνει εἰς τάς Αὐζραλίας. — νὲα πρὰγματα εἰς ἐμὲ δὲν εἶναι, διότι τὰ ἥξευρα καλὰ πρῶτον.2 Also aperiently finished Philœ ― whereat, about 2.30 I became lively, & […]

Monday, 10 December 1860

XX5. Back again ― dreary work. A bright day ― throughout. Worked at S. Sabbas all day. At 4½ walked on the Terrace. A Mr. Garnett here ― friend of the Crakes. Penned out a little after dinner. [Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

Sunday, 9 December 1860

XX4. Ἄρχετά ἄσχημα1 ― but one must write truth. Dreamy ― more dreamy than ever, is life thus. Letter from W.H.H. ― Cheales his wedding cards ― ὅλοι ἄνθρωποι εὐτυχεῖς πλῆν ἐγῶ2 & P. Crake ― good old Mr. Crake is going. Ἔπειτα3 ― I came to this most blessedly comfortable room, & was passively […]

Saturday, 8 December 1860

Masada 12 day 3X Rose late ― i.e. 8. I had not endeavoured latterly to make “much time” ― having found that by repose & quiet, I eventually got more work done. Letters from Foord’s ― & F. Cockerell ― whom I had asked here because really Mr. C.’s affidavit as to the Bassæ was […]

Friday, 7 December 1860

Masada 11 day Slept well. Letters from S.W.C. Col. C. is better Farrant Ann Mrs. Hunt Spillmans ― with recipt & settling for Condotti rooms. Mrs. Shakespear & C.F. Wrote many letters. but worked very little, tho’ tolerably well ― on Masada. At 4 a small περίπατων.1 Day tolerably fine ― gusty. [Transcribed by Marco […]

Thursday, 6 December 1860

X2 Horrible dark wet & windy. C.F. went at 12.30. ― As for me ― I could not work ― indeed ἦτον παραπολὺ σκοτεινὸν.1 ― So I wrote out my list of paintings ― & screwed in the Palermo: ― & at 4 ― walked on the Terrace. But the wind was strong & high. […]

Wednesday, 5 December 1860

Masada 10 day Dark ― foggious ― but fine after 12 ― warmer. Letter from Percy Coombe ― who can’t come. Worked at Masada till 3. Headache. Took a little walk ― by Weybridge & back. Thucydides till 7 ― after which C. Fortescue came. Ευχε λειψει ― (εις μιαν αμαξαν ―) θηκαν τινα.1 ― […]

Tuesday, 4 December 1860

Masada 9 day Ditto weather ― damp ― dark. J.B.E. not up. Letter from Edwards père. Wrote to him ― about all the pictures. James’s talk of him vexes me much, ― yet I do not say it is not merited, for I don’t know. J. went at 11. Worked at the foreground of Masada […]

Monday, 3 December 1860

Masada 8 day Very dark ― damp. ――― Breakfast at 8.30 al solito J.B. later. Nice letter from Sam W.C. ― the good old Colonel is dying. Wrote to him. ――― (& to Cholmondeley.) Sat to work voraciously on “Masada ―” & worked till 3.30 ― or 3.45. Then walked to Walton with J. Edwards […]

Sunday, 2 December 1860

Very pleasant, cold, fine day. Breakfast at 9. Letters from C.F. Cholmondeley ― & Mr. Hay’s man. At 11.10 J.B.E. & I walked slowly to Oakham where I did not intend to go in, but being seen by William L. ― we were forced to lunch. The Doctor was not there. Kindly good people. We […]