Masada 12 day


Rose late ― i.e. 8. I had not endeavoured latterly to make “much time” ― having found that by repose & quiet, I eventually got more work done.

Letters from Foord’s ― & F. Cockerell ― whom I had asked here because really Mr. C.’s affidavit as to the Bassæ was a kindness & service ―.―

Made figures for my Masada ― 2 Arabs ― whereby I rejoiced at my slavy labours at anatomy in 1849-50 ― for small people as I made ― I can make somewhat like figures now ― & never could before.

Painted off & on ― but on the whole ― progress.

Rain perpetual. ― If I do not hear from George ― I must send him 10£.

I do not know where I shall Xmas. Alas! 2 more weeks only! ―

By overmuch writing ― my eyes are inflamed. ― With all this gloom & horror of weather ― the country is a blessing ― if so be ― as I can here ― a comfortable home is invaluable.

4 to 5.30. Sate with Capt. & Mrs. Huish. Dinner. ―

Reading Urquhart’s Lebanon.1

Eyes not up to penning, did Greek.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Urquhart, David. The Lebanon: (Mount Souria.) A History and a Diary. 2 vols. London: Thomas Cautley Newby, 1860. []