Cloudy early ― but fine by degrees.

Worked a little at Jánina.

Can one not change?

2 Papers ― & letters from R. Martineau.
Jane Husey Hunt.
Sir Cully Laidley.
T. Cooper
Geoffrey Hornby.

& William Beadon died on March 30.

So ― Friends do indeed depart.

Wrote till 4.30.

At 5 ― [mooned] up by Mandrucchio & the Parguenote new path ― & so to Casa Candoni, intending to call on Mrs. Woolff; but Sir C. Sargent was sitting on the hill, so I sate too ― & “got a Greek lesson:” ― we then walked back ― at 6.45 ― & I solo went round the quay, returning to dine at 7.45 ― & so penned out till 10.30.

W.F. Beadon dead. ― The absurd dreaminess of life becomes more & more acutely weary. ― That we do not all kill ourselves seems the wonder, ― of those at least who think.

A very dead time ― & I see no loophole out of the deadness. ― Alas. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]