Same weather!!! Rose at 7

At 8.30 went to Taylor’s, & drew 25£.

Sent letters to Dickenson
Ellen &
Lady G. Grey.

Worked at one of the Corfû pictures.

At 1.30 ― went up to the “Maudes” ― where all was good-humour ― including the little Cuba Dogs ― & a pleasing=clever Mrs. Darell & daughter. ―― M. came down with me: ― & at 1.30 ― I went solo to Ascension, where I drew till 4.15. (I remember such weather in 1855: ― & indeed, it lasted, more or less ― all that winter.)

Walked all along the cliffs to One Gun ― what opal views of Nicopolis & S.ta Maura! ― what gold sunset through=leaf=ness of those groves of olive!

Fell in with Middleton & Majr Cox ― & walked with them to Cannone: which talking with them then, came Sir H. Storks, L.H.C. ―― whereby our converse ended. I took leave of him to go with them, but he “would signify” I was to walk with him: & so he walked as far as the Casino. And I don’t remember a more unbumptious ― & yet ˇ[a] more straight-speaking & intelligent Govt. anywhere. Moreover, he spoke kindly to the peasants everywhere ― τὶ κάμεις; καλα;1

So I got home by 5.45. ― Wonderful pure light! & dined. ― (G. had done some tripes but it looked like a lot of lizards, & I couldn’t eat it ―) Afterwards, penned out (Butrinto,) till 9.30. ― Wrote a letter, & sent it with a drawing & photograph of Parnassos, to Mrs. Woolff ― declining Xmas day dinner.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. How are you? Is everything good? (NB). []