Cold, perfectly bright. & how beautiful!

Breakfast. ―― After wh. ― went to Παραμυθίοτι ― & by degrees unpacked a lot with George: ― only the glass of the long Corfu picture, & one of the Lamp Glasses ― were broken. ― Count Henckel called ― but I suppose I shall not see him much more ― vû, my application. ― At 1.30 walked out ― all by Alipù ― τὰ σκηλιὰ μ’εμποδίζοντας,1 ― & so by the happy valley  to the Bridge ― (near which I met ―― I suppose Curcumelli & her daughters, very pretty girls anyhow,) & so on by those most amazing Olives to Afra & Curcumelli ― close to which I came on Curcumelli himself. He was not cordial, & barely civil ― & not to be wondered at is that. ‘Gave 3 fingers ― & said only, when I observed I had seen some Ladies & thought them his but could not see ―― “con tanti grand’occhiali?”2 ―― After which I walked [immer],3 & quickly: O! those olive groves! ― By Govino ― & so to the upper Potamò road, & to Ποταμὸ ― where I always find the peasants so pleasant. & then by 5.30 to the Hotel. ― Letters from Lord Clermont, 2 from the dear little Fairbairns ― & from dear Daddy Hunt. ― & Ellen. ― dined at the Hotel. The Violent Graham Tory: ― & 3 or 4 juvenile officers: one a nice fellow.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. “The dogs obstructing me.” Nina writes: “He says that something was obstructing him, but I am not quite sure what. The steps (σκαλιά)? The dogs (σκυλιά)? His legs (σκέλια)?” []
  2. With such big spectacles? []
  3. German for “always:” all the time (?). Lear uses his German writing style. []