Morning light ― worked at the Jánnina.

Wrote to
Ralph Nevill.
Ellen Newsom
James Edwards
Mrs. G. Clive.

A day nearly light throughout!!!!!!!!!!!

So that I did more work at the Jannina, Thebes, & Athos & the Dead Sea in 3 hours, than for days past.

At 2.30 W.N. came ―――――――――― ?

At 3.15 walked out ― to Maclean’s ― (out,) (meeting Col. Hornby.) ― & so across to Adml. Robinson, ― not in town yet: ― & then back to Fairbairns & T. Hamiltons ― all also out ― & then ditto at the Sayres. ―Returning thence, met Ponsonby ― the A.D.C. in Corfu of other days: ― a kindly good fellow. ―

Home by 6 & Percy E. Coombe dined with me: a truly good lad; but oh! the sad depression of this “religious” clique!

Day rather impious: yet that is not it, but, blind & wholly stupid are they.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]