Very lovely morning ― tho I hardly rise before 8.

Walked on the Terrace. Sir F. & Miss G. went to Somerhill. I, penned out, or talked with Lady G. till Lunch: ― afterwards ― at 3 she drove me to Charing, & then we walked in the Park. Most glorious calm evening!

(Talking of F. Lady W. ―― Lady G. said she used to know her as a girl, but ˇ[had] never seen her since a dance at her uncle Godsmid’s ― when she danced opposite to her; ― some jealousy about a partner occurred, & F.W. (Fanny B. then,) crossing over, said to Lady G. ― “if you do that again, I’ll blow your brains out!” ――――― ――――――

At 6 I packed up. 7½ dinner.

Mr. G. Dering, ― & a Mr. Rawly ― an Indian Doctor who was with Col. Caldwell on Lord Amherst’s staff. ― Dering was a bore. ―

Singing after ― but dull. ―


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]