Fine all day: no rain.

Dear me! what an astonishing bore are these idle days here! ―― They even begin to become interesting from their excessive immensity of boredoms ―

Letters from
Mrs. G. Clive ― very nice as usual.
& a lot of nonsense proofs.

Arranged rooms for showing pictures &c. ―― & then, drew nonsenses: ―――

Came ―
1 Geo. Scrivens,
2 Mrs. Geo. Scrivens.
3 Mrs. Middleton.
4 W. Scrivens,
5 Mrs. W. Scrivens.
6 Capt. Dalrymple.
7 Edward Crake.
8 Mr. Harness.
9 Mrs. Crake.
10 Miss Crake
11 Mr. Napier
12 Mrs. Napier,
13 small Napier.
14 Mrs. Martineau
15 Miss Martineau
16 Miss Alice Martineau
17 Alfred Martineau
18 Edward Martineau.

At 6 went to Rail, but no C.F. nor by the last train. So I dined alone at the Sussex, sulkily.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]