Cloudy bad early ―― finer, later, later ― fine.

Woke at 5, rose at 6. At 7 the Servitor di Piazza said the Malta boat was in, but no George. It boots nil to regret or wonder why. So I left a letter at Macbean’s, & came off to the rail. Many people came by the Naples boat, ― Mr. Parish, Sir W.P.’s brother: ― the Martins ― in great grief, their child having fallen into a well at Senigallia, & died: ― & lastly, Cornwall Simeon & his wife, in the same carriage as myself. At Pisa I left them, & came to the “Ussari” ― where I paid bill, & had an omelette, & talked to the old respectable wigged. ― Shortly after ― I hear,

Cavour is dead.

“Dead” ― is a word: ― but Cavour does not die: yet this is a dreadful calamity for all Italy.

At 2.30 to the Rail. Alone in carriage. Very interesting journey: cultivation: pleasant peasantry & villages. Ponte d’Era,1 ― Empoli, ― & the pass of Capraija2 & Montelupo3 (?).― & lastly Florence, with all the begemmed & villa-sparkling hills, more exquisite than one could fancy.

To the Hotel Nuova York: ― & got a good large room for 3 fr. At 7 walked a bit, & at 7.30 dined. ― An Irish Gentleman & his sister ― & a 3rd Irishman were the party ―― all 4 of us had been at Jerusalem, wh. is funny, by way of an accidental quartette. Some pleasant talk: & bed at 9.30.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Pontedera. []
  2. Capraia. []
  3. Montelupo Fiorentino. []