Masada 3rd day

Rose at 6.30.

Letter from Spillman: tin received. There is now but one year’s rint (sic) to pay. ― Wrote to Ann, C.F., C.M.C. & others. Long reading of Times.

Did a little to the 2 Nunehams ― but “muddling” ― & arranging drawings occupied most of my time.

Later, retraced & reoutlined the big Masada.

About 3, Majr. & Miss Reynolds Yates came ― but I was obliged to dismiss them ― as going to a Railway. She is gossipy & a bore: he ditto. ―― At 4.30 cab to Waterloo ― & rail to Epsom ― 5.30 ― arrive 6.10. Mrs. H.’s omnibus to Ashtead. Dressing time.

Mr. W. LeggeH.t Paget, 2 Bagots & one Mrs. B., wh. was a Chester. ― Lady Augusta Seymour ― a “Harvey” (men, women, & Harveys) & her daughter ― & General A. Upton. Mrs. G.H. ― dear good old lady ― older: otherwise the same grand old lady. ―

Much of the narrow old [Forgion]1 riles me now ― (not in her ― she was always a Xtian, ) but it is more foolish to speak. ――

Lady A. & Miss P. played. I sang, but [these well] alla AT ― incomprehensible to them, except perhaps Mrs. G.H. ― To bed at 11. ――― Ah! Very calm moonlight ―but dim & darkling! Yet the repose I now so seldom enjoy = the absolute quiet of these stately moveless trees! ――――

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. I am not at all sure of this word, might it be a conflation of “forgery” and “religion”? The whole page is quite difficult to read. []