Rose, alas!, at 8, και ημισι αρροζος.1

Worked very hard at the 2 Nuneham outlines ― & at 11 or 12, took my Cedar=drawing ― &c. &c. in a cab to Hansens, ― this being over the second week I am daily expected ― & ever paying for the room. ― Of course, I find the room all upside down ― chimney sweepers & the devil knows what. They certainly are wrong in this ― for they had time enough ― before. ― Bounced I out in a gt. rage, & cab back to Stratford Pl. ― & then to Foords, & sent a van for the picture. ― Then I returned & saw Gush, who lets me have his back room. Mrs. H. ― & Hansen diversely came ―but I saw neither, for Morier & Burnet M. came too.

At 4 ― or 3½ ― went across the Parx to Daddy H.: he is still at work on the Cairo picture. Δεν εμπορω να γραψω δια αυτον.2 ― ― Miss Martineau, & Miss Hunt there. ―― Walked back: ― & began the Cedar canvass ― by measuring & Squaring. J. Edwards had called, wh. I am sorry for. … Dined at 8.30. Chops & Ps. ―

Read. In Memoriam ― & other matters ―

If one works less, & improves less ― at least one suffers less than in last year.

I wonder how Γεωργιος Κοκαλι is, και τα παιδια του. Να τα φυλαξη ο Θεος!3

― XX13

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. And half []. []
  2. No dealer to write [by him]. []
  3. Giorgio Cocali … and his children. God spare them! (GT). []