No rain, but dull: ― after 12 a little brighter.

Slept well, & all the morning walked about with W.N. ― discoursing. Επειτα απω τους πενιντα Χρονους, επαλλ αδησαμεν ολον. ― At dinner ― 2 P.M. ― only W.N. ― Ralph & young Will. He is, I rejoice to say, greatly improved ― thanks to Rifle days. Ralph is an exceedingly clever boy, & with more judgment than most boys at his age, & far more than any of the others have had.

Geoff is in Paris, & writes nicely. ― Walking afterwards, along of the staccato mode of feedin’ in this house: ― the afternoon is fine: green all ―: caterpillars & chrysalis, & other varieties ― [sinful] thrushes & what not: all pleasant. At 8 ― W.N. came with me in the Brougham all the way home.

To bed early ― 9½ ― resolving to rise at 5. ― But, from noise of carriages, sleep imposs ― & besides I must have taken κατι τι να μου ειχε φερει ολιγον αρροζυς:1  ―


[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Something that brought me a little [?] (GT). []