X5 Alack! ― Sultry & dim morning ― sunny. ― Did not like to tempt the silver wave, as the clouds were heavy. Wandered till 8, having risen at 6½. ― Breakfast. Saw a Genoa paper, whereby one is told that επαναζασις των Σικιλιων1 is not snuffed out. ― Afterwards drew on the beach till 11 with G. & then walked up a mounting & began another view of Spezzia ― very beautiful: ― but it soon began to spit & piddle, & I gave it up θυμουμενος. ― Walked also up a nill to a red house with gardings ― having the same view, but including a bulldog of fierce manners. Came back, & drew from the window from 2 till 4. ― All this is assuredly highly disgusting. The cookery here is “werry fishy.” ― It seems a pity not to see Lerici anyhow. ― At 4½ ― I set out again to draw, but it was too black & rainable, ― so I went with G. by the seasidesad ― eastward, ― where there would be fine views of the Carrara mountains, had they been clear. ― Returned by 6 ― rainbow ― “ζωνα”? ― Dinner, the languid French couple, & the Gent. ― (lady unwell.) ― FOOD VILE. Gentleman agreeable, Indian ―: instructed & gentlemanlike. We talked a good deal ― Van De Velde &c. &c. If he was clear-headed he must have thought me otherwise. ― Talked afterwards with the Waiter about the 5 Terre. Pace up & down. ―

Found that G. had gone to bed at 8. ― His Albanian habits do not extinctuate ― & I don’t see how they should, but having done much for him, perhaps it would be better now to turn all one’s endeavours to settle him in Corfû.

Rose garden.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Clearly meaning επανάσταση, i.e. “the Sicilian rebellion.” []