In no country is it possible to suppose a gloomier day.

Rain early. To Macbean’s ― no news, now a days.

Then worked hard at Jerusalem, (having sponged out all the last 3 days work on it, & beginning wholly on a new task.) & on Baalbek, besides colouring penned sketches.
“Intervals of leisure” ― certainly not looking out of doors into the dismal rain. And poor George, (never again will I be so selfish as to allow a good servant so to sacrifice his life’s comfort, ― for as he says ― this kitchen “guard’a’ una mura sola ―”1 ―) writing as long as he can, complains of the dark & dismal weather naturally. ― Indeed Rome is a gross imposture in all ways. ― After 5 I went out, & meeting Cholmondeley (who has written to me to dine there tomorrow,) walked with him a bit: he is odd & quaint, & I don’t understand him altogether, but “make allowances.” ― Later, to the K.s: & sate with “Helen” & Isabella. “Υπομονή”2 indeed!
Walked back, in rain: & dined at home. ― I offered G. his “carta”3 to day, & that he might go home at once: but he was half angry, & said ― “cosa fa 1, o 2, o 3 settimane? Non vado:4 ― ἅς ὑπάμωμεν ὀμοῦ. ―((Clearly intending to say “Let us go [away] together” (GT).))

A blazing fire tonight ― as at Xmas, ― & chilly all the day for want of one. ―

Afterwards as I was going to bed, G. moaning about the rain & darkness, I said, “I wished I could see him more allegro”5 ― whereon he became agitated & angry ― come ― “con mia figlia morta ancora non è 2 mesi? ―” sono uomo ― [penso] un ora ― lavoro un’ora. ―”6 ― and much else poor fellow. I did all I could to comfort him poor fellow ― but life is sad enough, & I would never be the cause of its being repeated.

Still he would not go ― wh. I offered again. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. “Looks towards a single wall,” perhaps meaning there is no view from the windows. []
  2. Patience. []
  3. Passport. []
  4. What difference do 1, 2 or 3 weeks make? I’,m not going” []
  5. Happy. []
  6. What ― “with my daughter dead for less than two months? ―” I’m a man ― I [think] for an hour ― I work for an hour. []