Apparently fine. ― G.’s children are called, Nikola, Elisabetta, & Καραλάμπι. The wife’s name, ― [Φαδδμαννὶ] ― ? and she is a Parguinote, ―: at first she lived with her father, ― but now all live with the maternal Kokáli.

I worked particularly hard from 9 to 4: at the city of the 2 Palermo pictures: ― & afterwards made an oil sketch from Damascus which I think I shall try to paint. At 4 called on Gibbs & Mr. Hardie. And then walked in the Borghese. It was a lovely day.

Dined alone. ―

G. says of his boy Nicola, “prima, ˇ[che] stava solo, tutti gl’amavano, ed andava male: ― adesso che sono nati gli altri, e quelli di Spiro, nessuno lo ama, e va bene.[”]1

I am very glad now to know George has a family growing up to help him.

The B. Mathews asked me to dinner for tomorrow: ― Ἐιπα, ὄχι.2

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Once, when he was the only one, everybody loved him, and he was not good: ― now that the others have been born, and Spiro’s ones too, nobody loves him, and he is good. []
  2. I said, no (GT). []