Very stormy ― but not cold.


V. Crake called & lent me 10£

Letters from T. Potter & Mr. Edwards.

Wrote to
T. Potter
& W. Newsom.

Read accounts of the loss of the Royal Charter off Beaumaris. It is possible that Sarah may have been in this vessel: but I shall not think of it, as we cannot know about her as yet. ―
Called on Sir Woodbine Parish ― a highly agreable & very “superior” man. His drawings of Ali Pasha ― of [Barges], ― & those of Lord Macartney’s Embassy ― those of Peru & Brazil ― were immensely curious & interesting. ― Then, returned, & sent off 3 cases. At 5 to Hastings, where I [brought] baskets for Ann, & “Miss [Tharnwood]” & called on the W. Scrivens ― leaving P.P.C. on others, & returning to the G.S.s to dine for the last time. The evening was very pleasant ―. I leave these really kind & hospitable people with regret. Left ― (after singing,) at 10½ ―: a most dreadful night of rain & terrible wind. O! the sufferings at sea!

Wet through ― & glad to think of leaving Hastings ― for it is not fit for winter weather. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]