Letter from Ann. Sarah is coming. Mary going to Melbourne. Charles to Dunedin.

Then came the papers ― with Peace of Zurich.

Wrote to
Mrs. Empson
Mr. Potter
B. Hunt.
Mrs. Wagner
W. Scrivens
V. Crake
Mr. St. Quentin.

Tried to work, but all these things added to the loveliness of the day, & the passiveness arising from yesterdays bad ― make me incapable of painting. So I shall go up to Fairlight.

So I walked out ― how strangely cold!! ― Called at Wagners ― Crakes ― St. Quentins, ― & Wm. Legge of Ashtead. Old Townsend is married again! (To a Miss Kennedy.) ― Whereon I walked to Fairlight. Daddy Hunt & R.M. finishing their pictures. ― Daddy came away at 6. (The M.’s are truly & actiosly kind people.) R.M. partly ― I all the way to the Rail, where Daddy Hunt went on to London ― much as we did 7 years ago. Daddy’s story of the boy who had opened his letter ― & then had opened a second in wh. H. suspecting the first felony & foreboding the 2nd, had placed written all kinds of anathemas & [dodges] ― was immensely funny. ―

At home found letters from C.F. ― J.H.B. both extremely nice.

But it is awfully cold!!! ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]