If possible, clearer, calmer, brighter & lovelier weather than ever. ― Yet I could not rise.


Bother. ― & when I did rise, came a letter from F.L. & a memoir & some essays of H.L. ― They from P. House, are actually going to Eastbourne!

Then came the 2 Potter frames ― not altogether what I wish: ― as for the pictures, they are not yet satisfactory, but may become so. ― Wrote a good deal ― & later ― i.e. at 11½ painted: but ill. The large Corfû doesn’t go on well, & makes me tremble. Gave up the idea of going to the Hook: ― but wrote to Gush, taking 15 Stratford Pl. Then, I postpone going to Lewes on the 20, Hook on the 22? ― & town on the 23? ― O! were it possible to get to L.pool at the end of Sept.r? ―

Dined ― too plentifully ― & walked after.

Sent letters to
Mrs. Blencowe.
Miss Dennett.
C. Church (to R.C.)
Gush. ―


Large Corfû 7th day

Walked from 8 to 9½. The moon is full & bright, & there are Moreen bands ― land & water.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]