Windy ― & cold. But one does not feel it indoors as in the early season. Gk lesson. ― Painted at Lord Clermont’s Jerusalem ― one of the 6.

(G. told me he had seen “all Corfu ― Capt. Turville, Sir P. Hunter &c. ―). S.W.C. came in for a minute, ― alas! all his life is minute work ―) but always kindly, with buns, ― & I worked on till 4.

Good natured letter from Edward Penrhyn ― one of the good men one has known. ― At 4½  ― went out, & meeting S.W.C. he went with me a shopping. ― Afterwards I called on the Macbeans ― who had me to dine on Friday. ― Then to the Reading room, where was Paul Hunter {a good fellow I should think, but oppressed.

Came home to dine. Afterwards ― wrote Greek. Mr Hay sent to ˇ[ask me to] dine ― but I was engaged on Friday. Then came a note from Mrs. Bright ― asking to a party to morrow: but this is a bore. ― Meanwhile I suppose it is poor Beresford who is bursting forth so howlingful below stairs ― “anché a mé fà una rabbia. ―”1 even saith Giorgio. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. “He makes me so angry, too.” []