Warmer ― but still I am very unwell. Tebaldos Λασκαράτος ― the νέος διδάσκαλος1 ― came & I had an hour’s Greek. ― After which I worked pretty well all day ― nobody but S.W.C. coming.

Put away my w.color drawings ― & sent letters to Mr. Penrhyn, & Mr. Bell ― & began my old oil Masada on which I worked till 4½. ― Then called on Mrs. Browning: ― seeing her, nice little woman. ― Letter from Spiro. ― At 6 went to [Isle Ponth ], to Stansfeld: Mrs. S. ― Mr. Freeman. ― & after some time ― a Mr. Longridge ― queer ― silent ― apparently deaf. ― But, (as we were talking of Radicofani,)2 on S. appealing to him as to if he had been there ― his demeanour was  wholly insane, & he talked of Mt. Sinai. At dinner he grew worse & the whole time we were in great alarm, as he rose & walked about, did all kinds of odd things, & was altogether wholly fearful. ― After poor Mrs. S. left the room, he left, about 8½ ― to our great joy ― but there was only one opinion of his state. ― We 4 ― relieved, talked till 10½. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. “New teacher.” []
  2. A village near Siena. []