X7. Did not rise very early ― but yet wrote some journal. Ann leaning towards recoloring on a large Jerusalem picture. Yet I do not like the idea of Rome ― unless I could be sure of its being quite otherwise than the Rome of ’38-’48. ― Painted till 1½ ― Bethlehem. The 12th case has come from Corfû. At 2 went to Ann’s, whose face is very sad ― poor dear. ― Then a cab to 16 Seymour St.: unpacked the 4 small paintings, (the last done in Corfu!) ― & then cab with them to Foord’s. There were old Goddard & Buckner. ― Home. ― Walked thence to Wyatt’s, & saw Mrs. W. & Matt: good people. ― Then to Foord’s again, & back to Seymour St. Sending Hansen with the 4 pictures to Tor Villa. I, cab to Orsett Terrace  ― where were Sir J. & Lady Reid. All those 3 years in Corfû seem, as Sir J. says of his 21 ― “a dream.” Where then are the realities? & why seek for any? ― The Reids are wholly unsettled by his brother-in-law’s death, ― & by her brother’s illness, ― & they go to Scotland on Thursday. F.L. is at Farringford, with the elder L. ― Could the R.s have staid on, I think it had been better. Lady R. says Sargent is not to compare with F.L.: ― as if anybody were. ― Then I cabbed to Tor Villa by 6.30. Dinner ― Reynolds & H.H. ― & penning out till 12. R. is potius aper.1 H.H. always toiling ― yet more cheerful & even than of old. ― In the case form Corfu, are some things worked by my poor dear Ann ― who is kindness & goodness itself ever. ― It is sad to note change in her, & I look for her living with Sarah more than to any other hope. In myself ― all that can be done is to work on through life, &, if possible, not to hope.

Lovely warm day.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. “Quite a boar” in macaronic Latin, meaning “quite a bore.” Also see Cretan Journal, 24 and 115. []