Bright & fine, as was yesterday. ― Wake, to impatience blindness & misery. Incapable of deciding whether life can be cured or cursed ― I totter giddily, refusing to take any road, yet agonized by staying irresolute. To go to Brighton? To see H.C.? ― To take a place at the I. of Wight ― & dismiss Giorgio? ― To start at once for Rome with unfinished work? ― To go to Madeira? ― To try to complete the 5 paintings here? To be involved in new debt? To attempt the Palestine small drawings? ――― I cannot fix any point ― but meanwhile groan. Worked hardish all day at the Sunset Jerusalem ― (2nd day) ― till 4, when Ann came, & H.H. very kindly shewed her his picture. I walked back to Pembroke Sqr. with her. ― Afterwards called on Mrs. Theed, & Bonomi. Dinner. “Spencer Stanhope.” ― Penning out till 11. ― Letters from Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Husey Hunt, (George Senior is dead:) & C. Church.

Story of H. Hunt glueing the shoes, hammer, & tools of the idle workmen at the Brit. Mus. ― when they had left the building, to the floor: ― and consequent row.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]