Fine all day. Wrote from 7 to 9 ― sending letters to Mrs. Empson & J. Hutchinson. Then painted ― Jerusalem sunrise 2nd day. Bonomi called. ― Worked till 4.15. Then walked to Charlton’s & ordered a writing table for H.H. ― whom I must settle with somehow. ― Returned by the Park & at 6 called on Ann, who seems somewhat better. Then dinner at 6.30 with H.H. & Reynolds ― cheerful & not unpleasant. Penning out till nearly 12 & ― after R. went, listening to H. about A.M. & her story.  What perseverance & positive will in doing what he thinks right in this man! What botherations he endures from his own and her family! If her school goes on and she bears the trial, he will marry her & go abroad. If the whole breaks down he goes clear away eastward at once. A wonderful strength & goodness is H.H. ―

A letter from Sir James Reid ―! who is arrived! ―

And none from Mrs. Bell, with whom I ought to dine tomorrow.

R.’s anecdotes of the Q. when painting the P. Royal. ― How, he, being brought up in Remington, once caught up one of the P.V.’s spaniels, whom she used to walk in K. Gardens: & how, when the [Φλύνκη] rushed on him, she said “let him play with it by all means let him play with it ― he means no harm” ― R. being then a child of 7 or 8 ― & never seeing him again till as Q., she gave him the order to paint P.R. ― Also P.R.’s extremely nice behaviour ― & the Q.’s also.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]