Dull ― dark, damp, warm day ― showery at times.

Rose at 7. Wrote to Miss Hornby, Lady Waldegrave, Gibbs, Barnes &c. Letters from Price Edwards, Glennis, & a very kind one from Miss Hornby, enclosing her Photographic portrait. ― Worked at Gibbs’s Hebron. C. Church came at 11 ― & staid till 12. ― Ann, in & out. ― At 2 Boyd & his brethren came in. I was sleepy & nervous & weary from being shut up & drawing. He told me the Cortazzi were at 27 Golden Sqr. At 4 I went there ― & they had been gone 2 hours ― to Brighton ― 18 New Steyne! Is this destiny or not? (On the way Harrie Farquhar overhurled me, & fussed to [go on] to Acton.) This not finding the C.’s a 3rd time annoyed me. In Piccadilly it began to rain hard ― so I took a cab & drove to 45 St. James Pl. to see if C.F. had returned. At the same moment he drove up ― but had already sent a note to say he could not see me, as Lady Abingdon is dying ― & the W.’s are at Nuneham. ― This depressed & vexed me some ― & I came back: ― called on Col. H. ― out. Home & drew a little more. Then called on Mrs. Sayer, whom I saw, & saw new Shakespeare Photographs. This did me some good ― & then I wandered till 7. It is now time to dine with Ann. ― I do not think our being together would suit long. ―

After dinner, I turned out all the Athos & Syrian curiositées, which fact lasted to 9½.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]