Rose at 6. Wrote to F.L.Sir J.P. ― &c. &c. ― Letters from F.L. enclosing Taylor’s bill of the sale ― £14.10 balance for me. ― At 10 the 9 boxes came: long time in getting them in. ― Dickenson came by chance & helped to open & unpack. Unpacking all day. William Lushington came:  ― “Professorship of International Law.” Letter from Ch. Church. J. Godley called. ― Unpacked. One box full of moths. ― Unpacked ― sending all the empty cases to Παντέκνικον till 5. Dressed ― & cab to Kilburn. “The Elms” ―

Mrs. Godley ― the garden, & children. Walk to meet J.G. ― the car. T. & Colonel Cocks. I unwell & heavy. G. unwell. Both at dinner. Pleasant evening. Talk with J.G. about Corfû. ― Walked to town with T. & Col. Cocks. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]