“Packed.” Breakfast at 8. Letters from Foord, Mrs. J. Hornby, Mrs. G. Clive,  from Clowes ― & others. Wrote to many. Came Mr. Edwards ― a dim semblance of James: ― I remembered him too from the Piazza breakfast in 1832 ― dear dear dear! ― Arranged to go there by & bye. ― Went alone to Docks & agents & hair cut, & then Báalbek Hall.1 At 11 left the Adelphi ― & came in a cab by 2 to Aigburth. Mrs. Edwards ― a kind of mixed Mrs. Edward Stanley ― Mrs. [Francilla], & Mrs. Husey Hunt: calm, cold; once pretty, ladylike tho’ passive in manner, yet dropping H’s. ― Lunch. 2 little dogs, Minnie & Monck. Talk with Mrs. E. about James ― reading his letters ― writing one to him, talking ― playing ― singing, walking ― & so went the afternoon. ― At 5½ came Mr. E. ― there is a vagueness ― Εἶναι μυστήριόν κ’ εῖς [κα—-ίαν] τόπον: ἀλλὰ δὲν ἐξέυρω ποτέ.2 ― At 6½ (there is a view over the Mersey ― bright gleams of water & distance.) we went to Mr. More’s to dine, very rich & splendourous: large party ― 15 or 16. Brockelbanks, Mores, Parker (Sandbach), ― &c. &c. Sat by a Miss More ― very informed ― a kind of refined “Million.” ― Cramped for room. ――― so passed the Evening. ― Afterwards people went. I couldn’t sing. ― Returned with Mr. E. His affection for, & gratitude for Mr. Parker is touching. How new is all this place & furniture!

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. I.e. St. George’s Hall, see 7.ix.58. []
  2. “It is also mysterious in [] place: but I found never.” Only Ms Harvey’s patience could get anything out of Lear’s horrible writing here; however, I do not agree with her that it “makes no sense at all,” Lear is clearly thinking of something mysterious, vague about Edwards that he has not been able to find out. []