Rose at 6. & worked at arranging drawings till 10, when, Hunt not coming, I breakfasted. Letters from Mrs. Empson, & E. Tennyson. ― At 11½ Farrant, & drawing arrangements. At 1 ― cab to Daddy Hunt’s, who was there, & Stephens. ― Great delight in seeing  Η.Η. ― & his pictures. He is undoubtedly the painter of these days. Great lots of talk ― & talk with Daddy is no light pleasure. ― The Jerusalem picture is wonderful ― his history of his own family affairs ― sad: ― of Annie Miller, courageous & beautiful. He is indeed one of thousands. ― At 4½ I walked ― (ever fine ―) to 1 Trafalgar Sq. where were Fanny Coombe & Percy ― & a boarder ― Allen, young & prepossessing: ― they all seem brighter now, the sorrow of poor George’s life being gone. Next, omnibus to Walter Place, & call at Lord Carysfort’s, where I had heard Proby was. Poor dear fellow! ― I heard from the servants that he was now unable to walk ― wheeled about: ― he could not see me then, ― but hoped I would call again. But I saw, & sat some time with poor old Lord Carysfort. ― Then I walked across the park ― & supped at home. Reading Hunt & Graham pamphlets. ―

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]