Cover and title page for The Moving-Picture Book

From a description in Aleph-Bet catalogue no. 90:

THE MOVING PICTURE BOOK by A.Z. Baker. NY: Stokes, (Sept. 1911). 4to, cl. backed pictorial. boards, some cover rubbing and soil, VG IN ORIGINAL BOX (box flaps and bottom restored)

Each page of verse faces a full page color illustration that is deliberately printed out of register. The cover of the book is designed so that the two large letter “O”’s in the word “BOOK” are cut out. By grasping the box cover with the left hand, the reader uses the cover as eyeglasses and views the picture through the holes. At the same time one is viewing, the reader turns a metal crank with the right hand, giving the illusion of movement using colored papers. Although this illusion of movement is not entirely unheard of in children’s books, the effect achieved by having a crank is that of a motion picture where even the speed of the action created in each illustration can be regulated by how fast one turns the crank.

Alfred Z. Baker

Online edition by Marco Graziosi, April 2013.
Rotation script by Riccardo Graziosi.
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