English organist and author. Some of his historical musical anthologies were published by the Percy Society. Full Wikipedia article.

Lear had him score his second collection of arrangements of Tennyson’s songs: Poems and Songs by Alfred Tennyson, set to music and inscribed to Mrs Alfred Tennyson by Edward Lear. London: Cramer, Beale & Co., 1859.

For Lear’s performances of these songs see the Blog of Bosh.

14.ix.58, 25.x.58, 29.x.58, 6.xi.58, 20.xi.58, 25.xi.58, 20.v.59, 24.viii.59, 14.x.59, 16.x.59, 18.x.59, 19.x.59, 13.xi.59, 15.xii.59, 25.viii.60, 9.x.60, 3.iii.61, 9.iii.61.