CORFU. 18. June. 1858.

I have brought all my Judean and Cœlo-Syrian drawings back safe, and have gained in energy physical and moral, by this tour into the most {110} interesting land I have ever travelled over, besides filling my mind with scenes enough to last a longer life than mine is likely to be.

My own plans are not for an immediate going away from here unless European war should break out, when I shall come to England at once. Frank L[ushington] goes in a few weeks: — I need not say how I shall miss him: — whenever I have thought him less friendly than I have supposed he should have been, I have invariably found he was acting rightly and uprightly & that I myself had misinterpreted him now and then. He is one of the best unions of mind & principle I have known. I wish you knew him: Do try & do so when he gets to England: — there are few better worth knowing on every account.

Shall all of you come in again? For I don’t believe the Derbyites will stand. I regret Lord S[tanley] ever having joined them.