Very lovely day ― N. wind.

Thank God ― slept well: the bugs being all kilt.

Rose at 6 ― & at 7 ― a cup of coffee ― & drew above & below ― till 9 ― or 9.30, when I came up to breakfast. The beauty of color & reflection in the Convent rocks & bay at early morn is [summat] wonderful. Somehow, I am constantly feeling how little I recollect of all these beauties ― or rather, how gray skies, bustle=life, & varieties ―― efface their reality=impression.

After breakfast ― drew again, & at 2 went to the bay ― drawing in color ― but failing frightfully.

Drew on in pencil till 5.30, when Creyke & Bridge & their wives passed me, ― & I walked on & met Mrs. C. & Mrs. B. ― with whom I walked up to the hill. The glory of [rose-thin] skies ―― tho’ one has had little enough of it. I am certain, whatever good I may get by “color from nature” I get more by pencil ― seeing my inability to struggle against physical painter=defects. ― Some very grand studies abound here. ―― Dinner at 7.15 ― a cold half fowl, rice, & potatoes ― & some “wine of the country” ― the bill of fare ― & very fair.

Penned out till 9.30. Bed[.]

Slept pretty well ― nay ― well.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]