Finer, ― clearer ― & so all through.

The day was not done went [sic] I went to bed, ― for the new Frame bed was uninhabitable, ― & we had to put a table flap. This however was so hard that I got hardly any sleep all night, & could not rise till 7.

Drew Lacones ― outline, & then St. Angelo: ― when lo! 3 carts of furniture & a carriage, the last holding Mrs. Lyell Mrs. Bridge & Mrs. Creyke ― who have supposed they had taken these 2 cottages. Luckily the Convent rooms were empty, & I got them established there. Then, at 1, I drew the “shadowed caves” ― & 2 other views till 4 ― then 2 more small ― & at 5.45 came up again to the hill. The view is vastly grand & lovely at sunset ― & seems to me far more so than of olden days. The Lacones & other peasants are delightful in manner, but the small boys bore me ― “one farden.” ―― It is now 7 ―  ὥρα τοῦ γεύματος.1

Dined: & penned out till 9.30. Then bed ― but alas! the frame bed borrowed from the Convent was buggious: ― so I had no sleep, & nearly went mad.


A fearful night.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]

  1. Dinner time (NB). []