Fine, but pale, & somewhat misty.

Wrote, till 12. ―

At 12. 30 came to Procession of S. Spiridion ― & most beautiful it was. I hardly remember any more striking assemblage of color & form that the grand priest concourse [farmers &c.] ― against the blue hills. And the peasant dresses were delightful.

At 2 ― walked up to Casa Candoni, & lunch with Mrs. Woolff, Cormian & Ἐυφροσυνη Κ. & Fizzy. ―

At 4 ― walked to Ποταμὸς ― & the new parts of it, what olives ―― & so to Διονύσιος beyond, & back ―― what wonderful peasant dresses[.]

 2 on a horse!! ― Nicer mannered people exist not ― nor, I fancy, better.

At 6.30 ― went up to the Casino, where were the De Veres only. Little Mary De Vere in her night dress was really as like a small angel as could be. ― Would one have been as happy as one fancies if one had been married & had had children?

Left at 10.30. The moonlight, frogs, fireflies, Cypresses, quiet, mountains ――: but how little of this life is attainable!

Home by 11.15. ―――

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]