Gray ― gleamy ― calm.

Ill ― from sleeplessness: & no sooner had I begun to work on Florence ― unwell & hardly able with all my attention & application, to proceed as I wished ――― those horrible=silly Mauds began their noises above: ― she playing some 2 score of bits ―not 3 minutes each, from various operas ― all out of tune ―― & between whiles pushing her chair away & scampering: ― her brother whistling or knocking chairs down. Then came in G. ― no letters & only a paper of February 10! ―― So this last straw broke the camel’s back ― & I put all on one side & vowed to go ―― packing 2 boxes ― all my books that instant.

Resolving to walk to Garuna ―― another steamer came in ˇ[at noon] ― so I wait, & at 1 P.M. send G. again. ―

One letter, from Ellen ― who is very kind in writing so regularly.

So I walked straight up ―but slowly, to Sta. Decca. What unsurpassable beauty of distance & of foreground! ― Beyond ― I went one mile & returned ―.

All the 7 miles I did in 16 minutes each, ― as was becoming.

Dined at 7 ― cold beef. ―

All the books, ordered of Bickers ―have come ―― a pleasure.

Penned out a little.

Above is a shrieky shrieky music ˇ[(a day howling all the time)] ―― enough to drive one mad ― tho’ it is scientific enough. ― But it is certain that this sort of life will not do.

[Transcribed by Marco Graziosi from Houghton Library, Harvard University, MS Eng. 797.3.]